!function(n,e){var r=n&&n.define;r&&r.amd?r("rlite",[],e):"undefined"!=typeof module&&module.exports?module.exports=e():n.Rlite=e()}(this 


17 Feb 2021 A complete guide to Node.js module exports. Node Module Exports Explained – With JavaScript Export Function Examples Of course the convention offered below is entirely from my own assessments and reasonings.

Exporting our module . Next we will want to export our module. This basically assigns the module to a variable that we can use to call our modules 2019-01-23 · In the above example, we have used an Import a single export from a module. If we have multiple export modules, then we can import various modules. #Import Multiple Modules in Javascript. Now, we will create another module inside the data.js file. With ES6 JavaScript changed from a programming language that many people dreaded using to one of the most popular and loved languages.

Javascript module exports class

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}; export var helloPhrase = "Hello world"; export class Volkswagen { … } app/main.js lib/module1.js  (function(e){if(typeof exports==="object"&&typeof module!=="undefined"){module.exports=e()}else if(typeof define==="function"&&define.amd){define([]  Bra, då kan vi köra vår första fil med Node.js och JavaScript. Det jag gör är att skapa ett objekt module.exports , objekt konstrueras med måsvingar {} . "use strict"; class Dice { /** * @constructor */ constructor() { this.dice  This time focusing on using CSS Modules in Vue.js. In the .vue file template, the class name is then added though javascript: